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Moderate relaxation is achieved through this inhalation modality and its is similar to a mild alcohol intoxication, though completely reversible by the Dentist or the PATIENT. Through the placement of a nasal mask, the nitrous oxide is inhaled. The medication is administered by our Registered Nurse or the Dentist at the time of the appointment. The depth of sedation is controlled by the patient.

In order for this technique to be employed there are certain prerequisites that must be followed:

  1. You must miss the previous meal and not eat or drink or take any medication unless instructed by the R.N. or the Dentist.
  2. You must be prepared to stay at the office until the Registered Nurse or the Dentist feels that you have recovered enough to leave.


PRECAUTIONS: There are potential side effects which must be mentioned.

  1. If the stomach has a large bolus of food present then transient periods of nausea during the procedure can be experienced. This is why you must not eat or drink beforehand.
  2. During the appointment, while in a relaxed state, the patient may be instructed to increase his rate of breathing. Higher levels of carbon dioxide in the blood stream can result in a headache after the appointment. This can be avoided by proper breathing techniques.